In today's day and age, publishing your learning materials online is a must.  It's fast, efficient and allows you to reach much larger groups of customers than traditional teaching methods.  BUT it's not that easy, is it?  First you must choose or develop the software to distribute your materials, find a hosting server, establish a merchant account, start to create a network of affiliates... and the list goes on.  It can be overwhelming for even the most experienced professional. Learnopia.com was developed specifically to remedy this problem; to help teachers easily market and deliver their learning materials online.

Learnopia.com Model Explained

Learnopia.com is an online reseller of quality learning materials on all topics imaginable.  We provide teachers, like yourself, with access to our exceptional software and marketing network so that you may more easily share your knowledge and reach more people. At Learnopia.com, we consider an online course to consist of a combination of Videos, Audio and Documents (Powerpoint, PDF, etc.) as well as tests consisting of multiple choice questions.

The Learnopia.com system allows you to easily (and we mean VERY easily) post your courses online. You can post as many courses as you wish and can organize them into different schools.  Once your course is posted, you may use your course dashboard to observe your students as they progress through your materials and you can even interact with students through discussion boards or personal messages. To better understand how students will experience your course, please watch this video overview for students.

Learnopia.com saves you money and lowers your risk. 
You could be selling your course online, TODAY, for FREE!

As a teacher, you are able to post your learning material at no cost at all.  For all courses with a price (minimum $9.99), Learnopia.com only takes a very reasonable 25% fee for each course sold.   Unless you wish to participate in the affiliate network, this is the only fee you will be charged.  No merchant accounts, no software licensing and no hosting fees.  You don't pay anything, unless your course is sold.  Please review our pricing details page if you require more details about Learnopia.com handles finances.

Honestly, it really is that simple.

It really is that simple.  Create an account, post your course and Learnopia takes care of the rest. If you're interested in more details about the Teachers features in Learnopia.com, please view this short video or review our Teacher FAQs.  If you'd like to start posting your course now, register at Learnopia.com. It's absolutely free.

For even more information enroll in our Learnopia Course for Teachers.

Start teaching online with Learnopia.com

there are very few options available to teachers out there that will help you, as a teacher, post your course online. Then after that it is your responsibility to set up a merchant account to collect payments, and more importantly, find the students that will actually take your courses. This can be a daunting task for a teacher who hasn't had experience marketing their courses online. Well, Learnopia.com will do the work for you. We have a large online marketing presence that will drive thousands of students to our site, to discover the courses that you have to offer. We have a large affiliate network comprising of hundreds of education-related sites that will promote our courses directly on their sites. Then when it comes time for a student to actually enrol in a course, we will take their payment for you. On a monthly basis (or more often if your volume is high enough) we then send you your payment. Our fee is very reasonable, starting at only 25% (9% of which goes to affiliates and credit card processing), and it would only be higher if you decide you want more exposure on our affiliate network. Still interested but have more questions? Let see if we can answer some of them for you.

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