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The original idea for what is now came from the needs of a student.  Search Engines are a very effective and powerful tool for finding information online.  Unfortunately, when seeking out something as specific as a course "how to juggle", a student must click and sift through pages and pages of results, many of which are not even courses.  What's more is that Search Engines are programmed to rank results based on their relevancy to the words you type in (and they do a GREAT job of that), they do not assist you in finding the course that is of the highest quality. To find a "good" course requires a LOT of searching and researching... until was created! helps you find high quality
online courses, in much less time!

With, a student can use the Course Directory or Keyword Search to find results that are JUST learning materials and courses.  The results are ranked based on the quality of the course, in addition to the relevancy to the keywords entered.  The quality of the course is determined by many factores including, teacher participation, quality of materials, student reviews, student completion... and many more.  The end result, is a system that helps you find the best learning materials online more quickly.

A Trusted and Reliable Platform also offers a trusted platform for receiving your course. When taking courses online, one never knows what the environment will be used for actually taking the course.  Will it be emailed to me in the form of many files?  Will I have a compatible software to view the materials?  If it's online software, will it be easy to use?  With, you know exactly what you're getting, because it's the same, every time.  Our systems have been carefully designed to be simple to use, yet extremely powerful.  Video is streamed online, audio files are streamed and also offered as a download.  PDF files are posted within the system, but also easily downloadable.  Each course has the option for student discussion boards and messaging systems.

The software ensures that you receive
learning materials consistent and reliably, everytime.

If you happen to have issues with the system or the materials; you have quick and easy access to the support team.  No need to track down the teacher and wait days for a reply. The team is always there to serve you.  It's what we do!

Complete Privacy

Are you tired of getting email upon email from all of the different course teachers you've participated in over the last year?  Emails trying to up-sell, side-sell and under-sell you!  We fully protect your privacy. provides very robust communication tools, but you are always in control.  For each course you enroll in, you are given the option to hide or display your contact information to the teacher. You are also able to adjust the settings within the system that trigger emails to you.  You can leave all communications within your account, or choose to have selected actions result in an email to you. We protect your privacy and personal information completely, and give you the control to choose who you share that with.

If you're interested in learning more, please view this video which outlines the Student Experience in, or view our Student FAQs.  Want to start today?  Go to and perform a search.

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