Students FAQ

  1. When do I found out what grade I got?

    This is up to the instructor. Many exams are automatically graded and you will see your marks. Essay type assignments will need to be read and graded by your instructor which may take some time. All our teachers will try to get back your course work as quickly as possible.

  2. Will I be receiving a grade for my course?

    A vast majority of courses will have testing in place, and will give you a grade for your course work. A select few, more informational type courses, may not have any testing in place. For all courses, you will receive Learnopia Course Completion Certificate once the course work is passed and completed.

  3. Do you need to buy textbooks for courses?

    The vast majority of have all the materials online within the course, so a textbook is not needed. A small selection of courses may have required textbooks, and will make that clear on the course description page.

  4. Will there be a teacher available to answer my questions?

    Yes, every course has an instructor who will be available to answer any questions you might have while taking the course. With discussion boards, you will be able to interact with other students regarding the course material as well.

  5. When do classes start? When do classes end?

    Unlike traditional schools that have a "school year" with semesters, and such, has the flexibility to allow you start a class whenever you want. The course ends when you completed the course, or when your one year expires.

  6. How much time will it take to complete a course?

    This can vary greatly on the course and student. With each course you will be able to see how many hours is expected to finish the class. The wonderful part of online learning is that you can work at your own pace. So, if you wish to review a video again, you can. So, the actual number of hours it takes you to finish the class may be more or less than the teacher's recommendation, but it is a good guide.

  7. Can I pay for just a lesson, part of a course, or do I have to buy the whole course?

    Courses are written in such a way, that the whole course needs to be taken for it to be beneficial. So, we do not offer partial course pricing.

  8. Does offer any financial aid or payment plans?

    No, Learnopia does not offer any financial aid or payment plans.

  9. Can I get a group or multi-course discount?

    At this time, we do not offer these types of discounts. We may look to implement them in the future.

  10. What are the additional costs for taking a class?

    In the majority of the courses the answer is none. A very small amount of courses may require a textbook. You have one full year to take the course. If for some reason you wish to extend beyond this year, then you can pay again for the course.

  11. Why are classes so inexpensive?

    At we reach a huge audience with our educational offerings. We also rely on a vast array of teachers that supply us with our offerings. We at, as well as our teachers, want to provide the best education experience, while making it affordable, so that many more people can enjoy these courses.

  12. Are the courses offered recognized by my company, organization, state, province or country?

    These courses may or may not be recognized by your governing body. We simply cannot keep track of all the possible institutions around the world that you may want to use courses for. It is your responsibility before you enroll to check with your organization or adviser to see if fulfils your requirements.

  13. Will the courses I take on count as college or university credit?

    No, courses will not automatically transfer as college credit. Some colleges or universities may accept courses as prerequisites or even transfer credit. We do not keep track of what institutions may or may not accept our courses. It is your responsibility before you enroll to check with your school or adviser to see if fulfils your requirements.

  14. Is an accredited college or university?

    No, is not an accredited college or university. We cannot offer you any college degree, diploma, license or certification.

  15. Do I get a certificate for completing a course?

    Yes, with every course, you will receive our Course Completion Certificate. This certificate you can view online, print it, as well as share it with others, with your online certificate code. You can use it to show prospective employers, your manager, and others that you are progressing in your field. It makes an excellent addition to a résumé, or professional portfolio.

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